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A membership with Catalyst Wellness is perfect for those with a high deductible health plan or those who are uninsured. Membership fees add up to less than the price of a cup of coffee per day! 
We are unable to accept Medicare or Tricare for payment. This helps keep costs low. We do, however, still welcome you as a valued patient! You may submit the visit to your commercial insurance on your own if you would like. Please request a billing slip receipt with ICD-10 and CPT codes for this if desired. For those with Medicaid, BCBS,  UHC/UMR we may be able to bill some, but not all, of our services to help cut costs. 

Medicare patients will need to sign a waiver as required by CMS.

Insurance of all kinds may still be used for nearly all ancillary orders for services given at Catalyst Wellness if desired, but you will frequently find that we have more affordable options than your deductible and co-pay can offer. We may even be able to get things covered that wouldn't have been elsewhere because of the time it takes to pre-approve the services.  You are also welcome to pay with your FSA or HSA card.

Catalyst Wellness is a membership based medical clinic.  Taking insurance out of the picture keeps your costs low and means more time with patients.

Membership Based

No enrollment fees

No cancellation fees

30 day written notice required for cancellations

Price is per person, per month

$15 for kids 0 to 18 with an adult member

$30 for kids 0 to 18 without an adult member

$55 for adults 19 to 40

$65 for adults 41-60

$75 for adults 61+

Corporate membership $45/person/month

Kids ages 18 and younger $15/ per person with adult member

* If the whole year is paid at once then one month is free

Membership includes:

Unlimited office visits

24/7 access to text, email, fax

Video chat/FaceTime and phone support

General Family Practice

Screening labs

Executive comprehensive lab evaluation

Hormone consultation

Influenza vaccination

Annual/sports/school physicals

Alternate Covid 19 Protocols

Endocrinology/ hormone replacement

Weight Loss

   -nutritional teaching including food samples

   -accountability and reinforcement

   -medications  including Topirimate, phentermine, Bontril, Orlistat,

    Wegovy, Mounjaro, HCG

Injectable/ IV: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, B complex, estridial, testosterone, progesterone, iron, silver, biotin

Vaginal restoration (O Shot)

Nonsurgical (vampire) PRP/saline breast lift

Treatment of stress urinary incontinence

Erectile dysfunction (P Shot)

Male enhancement

Hair Restoration

Laser hair reduction

Cryotherapy (freezing skin lesions with liquid nitrogen)

Pigmented skin lesion reduction

Acne scar reduction

Ear wax removal 

Dry eye drops

Advanced wound care

Platelet rich fibrin for stalled wounds

Platelet Rich Plasma

   -joint and trigger point injection

   -carpel tunnel

   -microneedle PRP facials

   -vampire facials

Botox for axillary sweating

House call visits if needed (outside of the Columbus/Oswego + 0.75/mile)

Access to a plethora of resources such as samples and patient assistance

Time consuming, behind the scenes services that most providers refuse to do without additional office visits such as:

-Prior Authorizations


-Care Coordination


-Patient assistance programs

-In depth patient teaching


-Medication review

Creature comforts: WiFi, warm towels, snacks, coffee/bottled water, complementary in office at visits

Post-appointment rewards for kids

Non-member Pricing:

Non-member office visit $100

Hormone pellets:

Starting at $300 for women every 3-4 months,

Starting at $500 for men every 5-6 months (visit fee waived)

Flu test $25

Strep A $15

H. Pylori $15

UA $10

CBC $15


Lipids $15

TSH $20

Testosterone level $40

Lesion removal $20

Joint injections $50

Toenail removal $100

IV fluids $50/1 liter bag

Department of Transportation medical card exam $125

Please inquire regarding other tests or services.


**Optional services discounted for members:

Labwork and most services approximately half of the non member rate.

Joint injections  $25

Lesion removal $25 (Lab can bill insurance for biopsy if needed)

Medical grade supplements - price varies

Durable medical equipment- price varies

Office administered medications/injections - price varies

Point of care testing half price the non member rate

Hormone pellets $100 off

Port care - $25

IV fluids 1/2 price

DOT/ bus driver exams $75 

Flu vaccination $15

10% discount w/FocalPoint Ultrasound & Chubby Cheeks 3d/4d/hd Imaging

And much more!

  • Please contact us with questions or financial concerns. The small cost of the monthly membership is worth much more in the long run.

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