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A membership with Catalyst Wellness is perfect for those with a high deductible health plan or those who are uninsured.
We are unable to accept Medicaid, Medicare, Commercial insurance, or Tricare for payment. This helps keep costs low. We do, however, still welcome you as a valued patient! You may submit the visit to your commercial insurance on your own if you would like, please request a billing slip receipt for this if desired.
Membership fees add up to less than a cup of coffee per day.

Medicare patients will need to sign a waiver as required by CMS.

Insurance of all kinds may still be used for nearly all ancillary orders for services given at Catalyst Wellness if desired, but you will frequently find that we have more affordable options than your deductible and co-pay can offer. We may even be able to get things covered that wouldn't have been elsewhere because of the time it takes to pre-approve the services.

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